(Quality, health, safety and environment)

Quality, health, safety and environment are important aspects to be taken into consideration to achieve long-term and sustainable success.

Within Himec we believe the strength of a company’s commitment to health, safety and the environment is determined by the conviction of its management and the execution of its QHSE system by all of its employees. A successful strategy is based on the recognition that accidents are often caused by human factors. These can be prevented with competence management measures, such as coaching, better education, system and administration. In the end, it creates a company witha solid fundament that results in long term successful sustainable business.

Himec’s senior experts are solution-oriented and work with experience as a guiding star to customise strategies in accordance with your needs. With the help of our expertise, you can more easily overcome your challenges in the field of QHSE. Our target is to be with you as a partner and to make improvements and create the conditions that are necessary for you to strengthen your position in global competition that is becoming ever tougher.



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