Conformity assessment

In our inspection services we identify whether your products and supplies contain components and materials that do not meet specific requirements, or if there is a need for general quality assurance.

The opportunities to make the most of your business interests are increased by managing risk at the same time as you ensure that quality products are manufactured and delivered to their final destination on time and in accordance with the customer’s requirements and specifications.

Examples of areas of work in which Himec can support your business:

  • Non-destructive testing.
  • Manufacturing and construction inspections.
  • Inspection services in general (FAT, Final inspection, Packing inspection, materials, supplier assessments, etc).
  • Inspections in the welding and testing field.
  • Import and export.
  • ”Gearbox-inspection” (endoscopy), normally carried out in connection with warranty inspections on the change from a full service contract to a maintenance contract.
  • Status inspections carried out when the owner wishes to have a true picture of, for example, his wind turbine. Also carried out, for example, on the instructions of insurance companies at the time of a change of service contract or a change of ownership.
  • Warranty inspections are normally carried out before the supplier’s guarantee from, for example, the wind turbine supplier expires, usually after 2 years. We follow up any report from contractual inspections/final checks. We check the condition of the components of the wind turbine, both mechanical and electrical installations. We check the drive train, obtain oil analyses from the service provider or carry out our own oil analyses and check equipment subject to mandatory inspection.


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