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Himec Solutions is a service company

We believe in versatility and flexibility and our ambition is to be able to offer our expertise at all stages to develop a product or service. This is possible thanks to our three pillars – Engineering Services, Management Services and Training Services.

Projects go through several stages and you, as the client, should feel secure that we can meet your ongoing needs for specific skills. Our field of services can be summarised in three branch segments - Industry, Energy and Automotive. Himec will soon have twenty years’ experience of working in these segments. Over the years we have had the benefit of working with various types of organisations in a range of different sectors, each and every one of them with its own specific requirements.

Our principal fields of expertise are in product development, production development, process & plant development, inspection, management systems and QHSE.



Our employees have varied backgrounds and experience from a number of different sectors. Common to all of them is that they are senior people, with deep technical knowledge in their respective fields. This means that we can offer our clients an all-round solution without compromises.

In January 2015 we established the Management and Training Service business area as a natural step in our client focus. The staff have many years´ experience of mechanical engineering, project management, impartial 3rd party assessments, test and inspection as well as business development and product certification.

Himec has been developing its activities from a purely engineering company to be able to take on the role of trainer and management consultant and also to act as an independent and professional third party examiner in specific projects for manufacturers, consumers and government bodies. Himec Solutions success is built upon the trust we create every day in our customers, employees and on the community in which we carry on our business.

We see ourselves as the missing piece of the jigsaw that creates a functioning whole. Starting from each client’s situation services are adjusted so that both the whole and the details function in practice. In many assignments we can, in contrast to many of our competitors, offer a complete service that includes consultancy, training and construction solutions. This fact makes it easier for you as client to collaborate with us.

We have both the understanding and the capacity to create a functional whole – all the way from a strategy to an operating business. Himec consist primarily of civil engineers or equivalent with specialization in technical, mechanical, quality, environmental, health and safety, electrical and civil engineering. We all have broad expertise and work together in an interdisciplinary manner to satisfy our clients’ needs.




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